Friday, September 10, 2010

First Post

Welcome to my blog!

I have called this "Boba Doug's Rant" though I doubt that there will be any actual ranting going on. I don't really rant. But it sounded cool.
Why "Boba" Doug? I'm a member of the 501st Legion, which is a world-wide "Star Wars" costuming club. I currently have two costumes registered with the 501st and for the past few months have been working on a dream costume, Boba Fett. "Empire Strikes Back" Boba Fett to be specific (yes there are differences!). Why Boba? I can remember when I was a kid and Kenner released the first Boba Fett action figure. It was shortly before ESB was released, and I remember looking at the figure and the photo on the packaging and just thinking he was the coolest. Everything about his costume is so bad-ass - the armour, the helmet, the jetpack, the flame-thrower, the several blasters. He is a man of mystery and a "bad boy." Completely the opposite of me, which is probably why I've been so attracted to this character for so long.

In spring of 2010, I decided to start assembling a costume despite the many warnings from other Legion members that Boba can be a money pit. They weren't wrong. I decided that since I was going to go through with replicating this costume as best I can, I was going to buy the best pieces available, and make what I could. I haven't kept track of how much I've spent so far, but it's in the hundreds. And it's still not done. Still to go on the checklist:
• jetpack
• blaster
• sidearm / holster
(plus various electronic components and smaller bits).
And if you're wondering, there is an online forum devoted to this costume, put together by other Fett enthusiasts. I've learned a lot about this costume from that site.
On August 28, I got suited up at Fan Expo in Toronto as Boba for the first time, thanks to my friend Matt in Ottawa. Matt loaned me his helmet, armour, jetpack, and blasters. I supplied my own boots and soft parts (jumpsuit, gloves, boots, cape, etc.). Back in the spring I thought that I would have my costume done in time for Fan Expo, but due to a series of unfortunate events, the costume was only about half done. Matt took pity on me because he knew how excited I was about the costume and how my boyhood dreams were crushed when I sent my helmet to California to be painted by someone who claimed to be a professional effects painter. I was expecting "movie accuracy" but I got this:

So you can see the differences, here is a side-by-side comparison with an accurate helmet:
Colours are off, the scratch pattern is wrong, the detail is lacking, etc., etc. Overall poor craftsmanship and the feeling of a rush job (some of the silver appears to have been applied with a silver sharpie market, there are still pencil lines, and some of the masking wasn't removed!).
Anyhow, due to Matt's kindness, I was able to live out my fantasy and parade around Fan Expo for an hour on Saturday morning as the mysterious Mr Fett. It was more fun than I thought. I was stopped for photos countless times, and people were very excited to get a photo with Boba. Here are a few pics of me in the suit:
After taking these photos I could see that some more work was necessary - and I've since done some more weathering on the jumpsuit and boots, and revamped the gloves. Yes, I'm beyond the point of just wanting a cool Boba Fett costume. For some reason, I want the perfect Boba Fett costume.


  1. I'm hooked! looking forward to more stories! I'll add you to myblogroll!

  2. Hopefully your helmet will be fixed with the right colours soon and you'll have the perfect Boba Fett for Halloween??
    Happy to add you to my blogroll